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New York Product Design Awards

“The Dukhoon+ was designed to create aroma and scents using natural ingredients, based on an ancient traditional ritual.

After numerous design iterations, Dukhoon invented a Safe.. User friendly.. and Natural ingredient based technology.

The Traditional Arabic way of creating scent and aroma is by burning natural wood chips, like agarwood, using charcoal inside a stone or metallic burner. It is a natural way to create: room fragrance, personal perfume, or even aroma therapy. Though we love the pure ingredients of the traditional Arabic ritual, it is quite time consuming and the charcoal can causes accidents.

In order to create a scent or perfume, simply place agarwood or another scented wood into the heating chambre. Double-click the power button. And that’s it. The scented smoke will come out within seconds. Direct it towards your hair, or clothes, or leave it standing on the table.

When you open the lid, you see the heating chambre. This is an unique chambre with a customized heating element. Air pulses around the heating chambre and pulls the aroma out.

There are also several features that optimize safety:
1. The double click button ensures the device is not turned on unexpectedly.
2. The device has an optimized insulation layer, so you will not burn yourself on the outside.
3. Lastly, it will shutoff automatically to prevent the chambre from overheating.

Unique characteristics: 1. Create aromas and scents using natural non-chemical ingredients.
2. Ease and speed to set up, compared to the traditional way.
3. The closed and insulated heating chambre drastically reduces injuries and accidents.
4. The charcoal is replaced by electricity.
5. Portable and compact design

Invented by Sadeq Qasem. Designed and produced by Orange Creatives and A4M group.”

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